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2018-2019 Schedules

2018-2019 Schedules

Class Descriptions

Happy Feet (3-5 yrs) 45 min
An introduction to ballet and tap technique encouraging the child’s natural interest in music and movement with
an emphasis on the enjoyment of dance.

TriStar (Grade K+) 1 hr+
Our most popular class! Our TriStar program offers all students, both recreational and accelerated, an
opportunity to study three dance disciplines; ballet, tap, and jazz, all on the same day. This class introduces
body lines, placement, and dance patterns while encouraging stage presence, confidence, self-esteem and
everyday life skills. Add a back-to-back hip hop class also on the same day and take 20% off each additional
class after enrolling in a TriStar!

Hip Hop (Grade K+) 45 min
An ideal class for the recreational student. High energy, fun, upbeat classes centered around the enjoyment of
dancing and memorizing new hip hop moves and choreography weekly! A great class to build self-confidence
and stage presence!

Modern/Lyrical (Grade 4+) 45 min
Movements inspired by ballet and jazz emphasizing emotion while interpreting music and lyrics. This class
combines mind and body offering versatility, improvisation, and floorwork

PrePointe/Pointe (Grade 5+) 45 min
For the aspiring ballerina! This class focuses on necessary strengthening techniques and proper body
alignment while emphasizing preparation for pointe shoes. This class can only be taken if the student is
currently enrolled in a TriStar or ballet class

Progressive Technique (Grade 7+) 30/45 min
Classes geared for TriStar students who are motivated to advance themselves through practice and repetition.
Classes are designed to improve strength, flexibility and levels of technical difficulties

Karen Bernard Performance Dance Company
Strictly for the serious dancer who demonstrates exceptional drive and dedication for dance. Students striving
to progress at an accelerated rate must be enrolled in a TriStar program, Hip Hop, Modern and progressive
jazz and tap class to be considered for our performance company. Company members perform in multiple
dances in all of our shows.

PreSchool Options

Happy Feet (ages 3-4) Wednesday 1:30- 2:15 – Friday 12:45-1:30

Happy Feet (ages 4-5) Wednesday 3:00-3:45 – Friday 1:30-2:15

Options - Grade K-1

TriStar Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Gr K-1) Monday 3:00-4:00 NEW – Tuesday 4:00-5:00 NEW

Hip Hop (Gr K-1) Tuesday 3:15-4:00 NEW

Options - Grades 1-2 / Grades 2-3

TriStar Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Gr 1-2) Wednesday 3:45-4:45

Hip Hop (Gr 1-2) Wednesday 4:45-5:30 NEW

TriStar Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Gr 2-3) Tuesday 3:00-4:00 – Thursday 3:00-4:00

Hip Hop (Gr 2-3) Tuesday 4:00-4:45 NEW – Thursday 4:00-4:45

Options - Grade 3-5

TriStar Ballet/Tap/Jazz Monday 4:00-5:00 – Thursday 4:00-5:00 – Friday 3:15-4:15

Hip Hop Monday 3:15-4:00 – Thursday 3:15-4:00 – Friday 4:15-5:00

Modern/Lyrical (Grades 4-7) Tuesday 6:00-6:45

PrePointe/Pointe (Gr. 5+) Tuesday 5:15-6:00

Options - Grades 5-7 / Grades 6-8

TriStar Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Gr. 5-7) Friday 4:15-5:30

TriStar Ballet/Tap/Jazz (Gr. 6-8) Monday 5:00-6:30

Hip Hop (Gr. 5-7) Friday 3:30-4:15

Hip Hop (Gr. 6-8) Monday 4:15-5:00 – Wednesday 5:30-6:15

PrePointe/Pointe (Gr. 5+) Tuesday 5:15-6:00

PrePointe/Pointe (Gr. 7+) Thursday 5:00- 6:00

Modern/Lyrical (Gr. 4-7) Tuesday 6:00-6:45

Modern/Lyrical (Gr. 7-9)Wednesday 6:15-7:00 – Thursday 6:15-7:00

Jazz Tech (Gr. 7-10) Friday 5:15-6:00

Tap Tech (Gr. 7-10) Friday 6:00-6:30

Junior Level

Monday Modern 6:30-7:15

Monday Hip Hop 7:15-8:00

Tuesday TriStar 6:45-8:45

Wednesday Musical Theatre/Contemporary 7:00-8:00

Thursday Pointe 5:00-6:00

Thursday Modern/Lyrical 6:15-7:00

Friday Jazz Tech 5:15-6:00

Friday Tap Tech 6:00-6:30

*Saturday Performance Company – by invitation only

Senior Level

Monday Stretch Jumps & Turns 5:00-6:00

Monday Hip Hop 6:30-7:15

Monday Modern 7:15-8:00

Tuesday Hip Hop 6:00-6:45

Wednesday Musical Theatre/Contemporary 7:00-8:00

Thursday TriStar 6:00-8:30

Friday Pointe 530-6:30

Friday Jazz Tech 6:30-7:15

Friday Tap Tech 7:15-7:45

*Saturday Performance Company – by invitation only

Elite Company

*** all Senior Level classes, Saturday Performance Company, and the following classes

Tuesday Adv Pointe 4:45-5:45

Tuesday Contemporary 6:45-7:30

Wednesday Dance Performance 6:30-7:45

Wednesday Musical Theatre/Contemporary 8:00-9:00

Thursday TriStar 8:30-9:00

Karen Bernard School of Dance

7 McKay Ave, Winchester, Massachusetts 01890

Phone: (781) 729-6400 |  Email: info@kbernarddance.com